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    Westchester mold removal and inspection is family owned business since 1999 proudly Serving Westchester County . we are full mold removal company and handle any kind of mold remediation project, commercial and residential. don't wait untill its too late and let the experts from westchester mold removal to bring your quality air to normal Call Us Today for free estimate !

    Whether you've got respiratory issues or not, breathing mold tainted air isn't good for humans or their pets. Clean air couldn't be more important. At Westchester mold removal and inspection we know the damage mold can do to your health and property. Family owned and operated for over 15 years, our licensed, professional staff is ready to help your mold or fungus problem disappear. Our inspection and removal experts will first determine if a problem exists and then let you know what needs to be done to resolve any issues found. Mold inspection whether you need  Mold removal in Westchester or mold inspection in the bronx, we will go where the job takes us, commercial or residential, and when we leave, your building will be mold free and safe again. Mold isn't always obvious, and it doesn't go away without help, it only gets worse with time so don't hesitate to call us at (914)202-0298 to schedule a free onsite consultation. We are a "one-stop" company more than able to handle the inspection and any remediation necessary. There is no need to hire separate companies when Westchester mold removal and inspection can handle any aspect of the job from start to finish . Our licensed, insured, experienced and friendly staff are ready to handle the following in a 100% satisfactory way:
    • Inspect and Test For Mold
    • Test The Quality of Your Air
    • Remove Any Mold Found and Complete Structural Repairs When Necessary
    • Repair Water Damage
    • Show You How To Prevent Mold From Coming Back
    Mold remediation Westchester doesn't have to be a complicated issue. We are a local company and work with our customers to schedule a convenient inspection and then make a professional effort to complete any repairs as quickly as possible. We understand having strangers coming and going in your home for an extended period can be unsettling and are ready to work hard in completing the job in a timely manner. Keep in mind, even when you can't see any mold, that doesn't mean it isn't there, and over time it can actually weaken and even damage a structure. Non-professionals aren't expected to know where mold can hide when it isn't out in plain sight, that's our job. We have the equipment to find it no matter where it is plus experienced staff that knows how to use it. You may be tempted to do any removal or repair yourself but remember, even mold you can't see is dangerous and professionals know how to protect themselves.

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